Iím so mean the clouds float
away from me like
a chicken bird, a
yellow-bellied butterfly.

Iím a wasp who done put a sting
on your neck, like
an alligator who done chomped a
chunk of your hide, a bee

who done chased you home to the
arms of your momma. I got two hands
that tell the world I canít
be beat. When I hit you, you stay hit.

I done what
I said, Iím the
baddest. I done blacked your eyes 
and cut your face so you canít
ever be as pretty as me. See!

This poem is a ďGolden ShovelĒ which is a poem 
where the last words in each line are, in order, 
the complete text of an existing poem 
or part of a poem, in this case a poem by Muhammad Ali.

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