Imagine the earth at the moment of birth
Savor the mystery implied
Hurled into space out of time out of place
A world, come along for the ride

An explosion of light rips the calm of the night
A slap from the back of God's hand
Or occurring by chance, what a hell of a dance
Stirring and startling and grand

Several eons have passed and we're cooling at last
As the mountains burst up through the seas
The moon gazes down at us fools on the ground
Soon we're changing as fast as you please

Simple creatures are we, swimming footless and free
Now we're growing in function and size
Then we rise from the foam, claim the earth as our home
Tame the valleys, the mountains, the skies

Imagine the dawn and the beings now gone
Who graced the world's stage for a song
Gasping for breath at the moment of death
Oh God, have we lasted too long?

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