Dying To Go

	And now I lay me down resigned to die.
	It's time, I think, to say my last good-bye.
	But wait - I think that I will change my mind,
	I'm suddenly perplexed, quite disinclined

	To say those final, enigmatic words.
	This dying stuff is really for the birds.
	I think that I will stop, refuse to go
	No farther than my backyard patio

	Until my fears have been resolved, allayed.
	I'm worried, anxious, heartsick, sore afraid.
	Eternity is more than just a visit.
	I want to know, to understand what is it.

	Oh help me set my mind to rest at ease.
	I want my questions answered if you please.
	Can there be something waiting after death?
	Reply or I'll be forced to hold my breath.

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