The Four Seasons Quartet

		Winter tones
		Dark and deep
		Blustery and fast asleep
		Cold and rime
		A note sublime
		Into my dreams the shadows creep

		Spring moans
		Rubs her eyes
		A double-take in mock surprise
		Sun awakes
		Earth's thirst she slakes
		My dreams are filled with lullabies

		Summer drones
		The tune is sweet
		His soul is bared as are his feet
		The stream runs dry
		So blue the sky
		My dreams are steaming in the heat

		Autumn groans
		Her leaves turn brown
		She's trying on her winter gown
		The fading sun
		The year near done
		The dreamer's dream is winding down

		The great unknowns
		Their voices clear
		In harmony throughout the year
		A perfect blend
		And now my friend
		Both song and dream have reached the end.

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