God's Tears

Young girl standing on the verge
fighting off the urge 
to cry sad and salty tears.
Emotions swell and surge,
a quest she cannot purge,
a savior will emerge 
but it takes long and lonely years.

Jump to a future time and place.
An older, weathered face, 
the mirror of her fears
still reflects a trace
of a lifetime's secret chase.
She's ready just in case 
sweet death appears.

She's lying quiet in the night
when she's blinded by the light 
and the voice of God she hears.
She turns a deathly white
as God recites His plight -
age has claimed His sight
and deafened both His ears.

Old crone smiling in her sleep.
Her tears are hidden deep 
as the darkest angel nears
for her eyes have seen God weep,
the price she had to pay was steep.
She knows that she must keep 
the knowledge hidden from her peers.

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