Group Therapy for the Soul

A coven of witches
a cauldron of crones
a cloven of devils
a closet of bones

A haunt of hob-goblins
a cradle of cats
a warren of warlocks
a belfry of bats

A darkness of demons
a howling of ghosts
a shadow of vampires
such unheavenly hosts

A linen of mummies
a midnight of ghouls
a spell of enchanters
and dybbuks in schools

A fury of phantoms
banshees in shrieks
a stalking of werewolves
a garden of freaks

A graveyard of zombies
apparitions in shades
an entombment of bodies
wraiths writhing in spades

Every monster reminds me
with a curse and a groan
that I'm human and fearful
worse, I'm here all alone

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