The Ballad of Baby Dee

The April sky fills up with thunder
As the scene unfolds before us
Two lives are being torn asunder
Dance the tune and sing the chorus

      Baby Dee and Jackie Edward
      Meet at midnight in the forest	
      Bring the basket filled with sadness
      Take the Book with all its myst'ries
      Walk for miles within the darkness
      Place a blanket on the cold earth
      Set the basket on the blanket
      Say goodbye to all that's holy
      Jackie Edward draws his short sword
      Knows his night is just beginning
      Throws his back into his digging
      Works for hours in the moonlight
      Looks down upon his excavation
      Sees the hole and knows its purpose
      Grabs the basket by its handles
      Bends down to lay it in the blackness
      Baby Dee is crying softly
      Lights a candle, kneels at graveside
      Says the words that needed saying
      Teardrops falling on the pages
      Baby Dee and Jackie Edward
      Push the dirt upon the basket
      Cover up the site with branches 
      Turn away, retrace their footsteps
      Baby Dee and Jackie Edward
      Part at sunrise at the meadow
      Baby Dee awakes at morning
      Smiles upon her husband snoring
      Jackie Edward's but a shadow
      Existing in a lover's mem'ry
      What magic lives within the basket?
      What grief is buried in the forest?
      Baby Dee, preparing breakfast
      Husband wakens from his sleeping
      Baby Dee is fetching water
      To wash the dirt from 'neath her nails
The April sky turns red at morning
The warmth of day will soon restore us
Two souls escape with but a warning
Dance the tune and sing the chorus

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