The Morning After

Do you know what happened late last night
when the moon went home to bed
when the stars were all in hiding
and the clouds in terror sped?

Did you see the lightning flashing
when the north wind raised his head
and howled his vengeance at the earth?
Did you hear what Satan said

as the trees bowed down before him
in both obedience and dread
"Woe to he who walks the land
this night, the dawn will find him dead."

Fate was now unfolding
his tapestry of fear and thread,
a patchwork maze that signifies
what misadventure lies ahead

and as the rug is opened,
the prophetic dust begins to spread
and falls upon the shoulders
of the innocents, so newly wed

who are caught out in the forest
where demonic eyes so dark and red
now spy the poor unfortunates ---
Satan contemplates his daily bread.

But his laugh betrays his presence
and the lovers hear his heavy tread
behind them on the moonless path.
The branches rip their clothes to shreds

as they race on through the darkness
till they see a light ahead
and they know they've reached a haven.
Could it be they've safely fled?

Now you ask me how I know this tale
where has this story led:
I just got tired of chasing them
and found you, my Dear, instead.

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