Vultures circle overhead,
		the only sign of life we see.
		The water hole we passed was dry.
		The birds are giving us the eye.
		They wish us dead.

		Yesterday my squire passed on.
		Interred is he within the sand.
		My armor's buried with him too.
		My enemies may misconstrue
		and think me gone.

		We travel only by the moon.
		The sun is ruler of the day.
		Our water bags have but a drop.
		We are dead men when we stop.
		It must be soon.

		Ahead we see the storm clouds loom.
		The sky grows ominous and dark.
		Before we reach the city's gate
		the blowing sands will seal our fate
		and bring our doom.

		How long have I been lying prone?
		The others have now disappeared.
		I raise my hand to block the sun.
		There are no signs of anyone.
		I am alone.

		Sensing movement in the skies
		I hear the beating of the wings
		slowly closing in on me.
		A moment till eternity
		I see her eyes.

		She gathers me unto her breast.
		Her heartbeat ringing in my ear.
		We rise into the heaven's dome.
		My angel come to take me home,
		and now I rest.

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