Where Am I?

		At this juncture in my life
		I wonder where I truly am.
		Even as I say these words
		I'm thinking life is for the birds
		who fly away, avoid the strife,
		who never ever give a damn.

		I live by artifice and sham.
		I never pause along the way.
		I never for a moment play,
		but, like the birds, I'm geared for flight,
		the runway cleared and bathed in light.

		My fear of flight sounds so absurd.
		I take no courage from the bird.
		The thing I feared has now appeared.
		I veer unscathed into the night.

		How like the birds I am this day.
		My words and I must fly away.
		Tomorrow I will stop and say

		"I wonder where I am today?"

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