Beautiful Elizabeth

If not for the sun, all my days would be dark.
If not for the moon, the night sky would go dry.
If not for your face, all my smiles would be frowns,
my ups would be downs and my story would die.

If not for your love, the sun would be home
with his head in his hands and his eyes on the ground.   
If not for your kiss, the moon would go hide,
child forbidden to ride on a merry-go-round.

The sun lights your lips with the blush of a rose,
brushes your hair with his fingers of fire.
The moon calms the fears at the edge of your tears
as he sings you to sleep with his lunatic choir.

Every morning the sun awakens when I do,
looks in at you sleeping and he smiles once again.
Every evening the moon gazes down at your pillow,
weeps with the willow then winks to all men.

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