Bedtime Story

Come lie down beside me and love me a while
for I'm tired and I'm lonely and ready for bed.
Will you stay? Will you play? If you just make me smile, 
I will tell you a story, a strange allegory
of lust and illusion, confusion and dread.

	The story is winning 
	and at the beginning
	Hes young and hes eager 
	and anxious to please
	so he follows his friends
	as the future impends.   
	Serious sinning ensues 
	with the drugs they abuse.  
	First hes lost then hes found, 
	now hes down on his knees.

	As the journey progresses, 
	the strain and the stress
	exact a harsh toll 
	and he's bitter and cold.
	He soon loses his pride, 
	feeling hopeless inside,
	til the day he discovers 
	a lover's caress 
	saves his soul, now he's whole 
	and the story is told.

She lies down beside me, her eyes flashing a warning
as her fingertip traces the line of my beard.
She says "Listen, my friend, you're not close to the end.
I've a hell of a story to tell in the morning
and it's sexy and lengthy and wondrous and weird."

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