The Collector

I collect days
arms outstretched to gather the sweetness.

Where once I collected stamps and coins
I now am satisfied only by accumulating sunrises.

I own a large box
in which I deposit each new addition.

My collection grows.
If you ask me
I will lift the corner and show you my favorites.

The sunny days are best but I also like warm rain
and crystal winter days in which the snow falls in quiet.

Some days in winter, when the wind is wild and
the snow is horizontal, I stay horizontal.

I don't collect those days.

The time has now come
when my collection has grown so large that

I remain in bed and open the box
spreading the contents on the counterpane
like Stevenson with his toy soldiers.

I savor each and every day but as I breathe them in
they dissipate, evaporating slowly until,

finally, all the days have disappeared.

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