Haiku from Ding Darling Reserve, Sanibel
Terza Rima

Cormorant and I
After a hard day's diving
Spread our wings to dry

Otter, arriving 
Appears master of the craft
Of jungle jiving

Alligator raft
Small bird trit-trots on green back
Who has the last laugh?

Dragon fly, small, black,
Does his best to try to hide
Too late! Bullfrog snack

Kayak at low tide
Gliding through the mangrove swamp
Tree snake hitches ride

Spoonbill struts with pomp
Burmese python in shallows
Sports a new, round bump

Blue heron tip-toes
On lily pads to see where
Brother Crayfish goes

Hawk dive bombs from air
Tries not to get his feet wet
Likes his redfish rare

Moccasin, egret,
feathers on bald cypress knee 
snake with no regret

Night lurks behind tree
Coyote barks happy cry
I don't disagree

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