The Anti-Personnel Minefield of the Heart

A Blast mine is activated when the victim steps on it 
resulting in maiming or mutilation of the victim

 	Do I think that dress makes you look fat?

A Fragmentation mine projects fragments across a 
wide area maiming the victim and nearby personnel

	This is my old roommate, John. He has asked me 
	to go to Las Vegas with him for a week.

Tripwires are used to trigger fragmentation mines

	Here is the new vacuum cleaner I bought for your 

A Bouncing Betty is a mine launched out of the ground 
when tripped creating a more lethal spray of shrapnel 
over a larger area

	I knew you wouldn’t mind so I invited my whole 
	basketball team over for dinner.     

A Claymore mine is directional which allows the 
fragments to be sprayed in a limited arc toward the 

	My buds and I are going to the game Saturday 
	so you will be able to clean the house 
	(with your new vacuum cleaner).

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