The Places Where Love Hides

In woodpiles stacked lengthwise against the roughest 
bark, edges greening with the hint of moss and mint,
impassive in the moon glow, waiting to be burned

At waterside peering over a verdant shoreline,
catching the glance of a passing stranger
reflected in the eye of a southbound memory

Deep within the darkest alley brooding in cold danger,
occasional glimpses of a dagger lust, with quiet sighs 
reverberating through the exquisite chamber

Atop a windy crag floating with the eagles and the rising 
dreams, singing with a finely tuned indignant falsetto,
clutching a beating heart in its great and sweaty talons

Within the coils of the serpent train that twists and curls
along a thousand lives touching every one with
the breath that is only revealed on a day of crystal cold

Among the voices calling out from crowds hidden deep
until you search it out by seeing through the flower 
masks and touch its flagrant excuses

Against the wall of the seven shadows growing and 
dying with the twin tides of a favorable wind and
an unforgettable moon paling arched and incessant

Throughout the lonely days spent wandering in the dusky 
haze of a summer's morning when a single cry can only 
slow my patient walking for the briefest moment

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