Point  Reyes

		The evening sun is setting.
		It's shimmering and bleeding.
		I've walked the beach for hours.
		I'm fading like the daylight.

		In the dusk I see a shanty.
		A girl sits in the doorway.
		She's gazing at the ocean
		like she's waiting for tomorrow.

		A sudden rain starts falling.
		I look around for shelter.
		She hollers out "hey, Johnny".
		She motions toward her doorway.

		I join her at the shanty.
		I'm grateful for her kindness.
		I say my name's not Johnny.
		She says it doesn't matter.

		We weather out the rainstorm
		while I hope it's never ending.
		We sit there in the doorway.
		The waves are getting restless.

		The sky fills up with thunder.
		The temperature grows colder.
		She takes my hand and holds it
		to her face without explaining.

		The rain goes on forever.
		We sit there in the silence
		till the storm has lost its fury
		and the beach is deathly quiet.

		Then she motions toward the doorway.
		I know I should be leaving.
		We're standing in the moonlight.
		Her face is bathed in magic.

		I want so much to stay here.
		I want so much to hold her.
		I fear the night's illusion
		and I turn and lose the moment.

		I head out along the shoreline
		for I need to travel solo.
		I hear her call "Hey, Johnny"
		and I pause for just an instant.

		Then I turn and see her sitting
		in the doorway of the shanty.
		She's gazing at the ocean.
		She's waiting for tomorrow.

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