Fleeing on bloodied feet across the lava beds
In the time of sky fire and plague  
The dogs of death following in the distance
The waterhole poisoned by my enemies

I ask for water 
You produce a gentle rain to fill my goatskin canteen
The water behind me turns into a river
Wiping away my tracks 
I ask for relief from the scorching sun 
You bring a night with a guiding star
Leading me toward the Mountains of the Moon
The land described in the Book of Legends

I ask for food for body and soul 
You guide me to a poppy field filled with olive trees
Honeysuckle and grape vines
Snaking among the low branches
I ask for a wind and a love
You set a cool breeze against my face 
Give me a friend to walk with together
For a time until we reach the promised place 

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