Karen Elizabeth Mary St. John
is late for her afternoon tea.
She sleeps at the edge of the Waterford Pond
in the shade of a sycamore tree.

Her mother is worried, her father is spent
by his day in the field with his team.
Their daughter is currently incognizant,
lost in the throes of her dream,

Wherein Robert O'Hoolihan Murphy Malone
has his arm wrapped around her small waist
and Karen Elizabeth Mary St. John
awakes with her bodice unlaced.

Michael O'Shaunessy Henry St. John
runs to summon his sister so chaste
and he finds her stretched out on the Waterford lawn
in the height of decorum and taste.

Says Michael O'Shaunessy Henry St. John,
"will you be coming to tea?"
and Karen Elizabeth Mary St. John
leaves her dream at the sycamore tree.

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