The Doughboy's Desire

Tell me what I want to hear
Words so warm and tender
Burn me in your microwave
Churn me in your blender

Blip me on your radar range
Plump me in your oven
Dump me in your mixing bowl
Stir me in with lovin'

Roll me on your cookie sheet
Sprinkle me with flour
Roast me in your roasting pan
For no more than an hour

Pop me out to dry and cool
Sling me in your freezer
Pull me out in time to eat
Squeeze me with your squeezer

Prick my surface with a fork
Baste and brown and bag me
Paste my likeness on the wall
Take a spoon and gag me

Knead me till I beg you stop
Turn my knees to jelly
Grease my pan with margarine
Poke me in the belly

Fry me when your skillet's hot
Grab me when I'm yummy
Roll me round and suck me down
I'd love to please your tummy

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