The Gift of Love

      I gave my love a cherry box
      With a tiny golden key
      Within the box she locked my heart
      She ripped it out of me
      I gave my love a chocolate drop
      “Sweets to the sweet” they say
      She placed it on the frying pan
      And melted it away
      I gave my love a pair of shoes
      And the latest bustle gown
      She couldn’t wait to put them on
      And make her way to town
      I gave my love a pony
      With a harness and a shay
      She tacked him up and she was off
      For a fortnight and a day
      I gave my love a bristle brush
      And a shiny silver comb
      She braided up her long black hair
      Then drove me from her home
      I gave my love a piece of string
      With a book of poetry
      She tied me to the trundle bed
      But did not read to me
      I gave my love a wedding band
      And promised to be true
      She said “I will be faithful
      But it will not be to you”

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