The Wall

		The scar is here upon my leg
		remembrance of a time gone by
		when sifting through the killing fields
		I chanced upon a cobbled wall.

		Flattening quickly to the ground,
		the silence roaring in my ear,
		the only sound my pounding heart
		as slowly I began to crawl,

		imagining the other side,
		my courage setting with the sun.
		Frozen low behind a tree
		I waited for the night to fall.

		With darkness came the chilling rain.
		The ground turned quickly into mud
		and as I sank into the mire
		I prayed to find the wherewithal 

		to, finally, just before the dawn
		gather in the reins of fear
		to throw myself across the top,
		and later on I would recall

		the blast that I had triggered off,
		the shrapnel burning through the day,
		the gunship hauling me away.
		The wall was mine and that was all.

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