The Word Not Spoken

O Beautiful one, will you lend me your hand? 
Will you give me your arm? Will you offer your cheek?
Will you once look my way? You have only to speak.
You have captured my heart. I am yours to command.

I have means that are meager. I have aims that are grand.
I have lust that is strong. I have knees that are weak.
I am blind to all else. It is love that I seek.
My fires have been stoked. My flames have been fanned.
But my silence betrays me. The words will not come.
I look down at my shoes and the moment is gone.
My shouts are as whispers. My voice is struck dumb.
In the board game of life, I'm a pitiful pawn.
Nothing will save me. I am lower than scum.
I'll be burned at the stake. I'll be quartered and drawn.

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