Thirteen Ways of Looking at Love

(1)   Emerging triumphant from a dream
      the lovers feigned bemusement.

(2)   On a cold night one lover absconded
      with a favorite memory.
      Somewhere a dirge was whistled.

(3)   How many lovers does it take  to change?

(4)   There is a time in early morning
      when love is taken for granted.
      By nightfall love is taken for granite.

(5)   Two kisses reflecting on a moonbeam's laugh
      bear curious witness.

(6)   If blackbirds conjured the secrets
      of the Universe
      I would not love you less.

(7)   The continents shift apart at
      precisely seven inches a year.
      Our love expands prodigiously.

(8)   Rumors are lies in makeup.
      Love has a natural beauty
      which sports no ears.

(9)   When apprised of his situation
      the condemned man drowned his folly
      in redolent thoughts of love.

(10)  The power of love
      was never more poignantly demonstrated
      than by the princess who kissed the wrong frog.

(11)  If not for lovers
      most love songs would go unappreciated.

(12)  These were the times that tried men's souls
      but the lovers wore no watches.

(13)  When asked to comment on the plight of mankind
      as the end of time approached,
      the lover tells everything,
      says sweet nothing.

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