To A Butterfly

Love me, false girl, 
in the false light of the blue flame.
Dance, arabesque
above the remnants of my dream.
Play among the ashes of my heart, 
watch it smoulder,
charred reminder, 
traces of a love defunct, undone.

Find me faceless in the dark, 
shadow man,
existing in the used-to-be, 
shredded chrysalis.
Fly, poor butterfly, 
evade my longings in the night.
Weep your own sad tears, 
this time I cry alone.

Tomorrow comes on insect legs, 
Escape me if you can, 
evanescing into sunbeams.
Abandon me as I lie sleeping, 
seek the heavens 
high above the forest floor. 
The morning sun awaits your kiss.

Spread your colors, bright girl, 
green and yellow wings 
unfolding in the dewy light.
Wait no longer, swallowtail, 
the dawn is verging.
Sing no more your song of changing, 
it's turned into a dirge.

stretch your changeling skin.
Beware the blue flame, false girl,
celebrate your birth
soaring among a hundred suns
on freedom's wind ---
Tomorrow night 
will bring you back to earth.

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