Two Strong Winds

	Two strong winds are blowing
	and they've howled the long night through.
	The one has brought me to this place
	and the other brought me you.

	We hold each other tightly
	for a moment or a year
	till our arms grow weak and weary
	and we've had our fill of fear.

	Then a sudden shifting of the gales
	and your fingers slip away.
	You disappear into the dawn
	as it brightens into day.

	I know your wind's capricious
	and it blows in gusts and gales.
	My wind is slow and steady
	but its currents fill my sails.

	At times our winds may intersect
	and we hold each other fast
	but soon the winds again grow strong
	and the intermission's past.

	Then one day the winds grow old,
	less prevailing, less intense.
	We wake up in each other's arms
	and the winds at last make sense.

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