The waterhole is growing dark
		inside the dimly lighted room
	the setting sun a flaming arc
		a single candle in the gloom

	the grazers pause their senses keen
		sight and sound and sense of smell
	the best of hunters never seen
		Calvin Klein Coco Chanel

	a scent a sound a blur of light
		a touch of hands two bodies meet
	as sundown settles into night
		lips brush lips and sweat is sweet

	wildebeest gazelle giraffe
		shuffling feet a mating dance
	a lion's roar hyena's laugh
		two strangers pairing daring chance

	crazed by thirst the prey comes near
		with each drink the danger grows
	the carnivores will then appear
		senses wild as bodies close

	hungry hunters grasp and feast
		predatory lusts uncaged
	every pheromone released
		appetites at last assuaged

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