The Poetry of Bob McAfee

Published Poems

  1. Redemption
  2. Death of the Windflower
  3. To Men of Middle Age
  4. Carolinian
  5. Old Joe's Dying Chord
  6. Door Stop
  7. The Gift
  8. Dead Men Walking
  9. Foot Loose
  10. Buffalo Gal
  11. At Adams Farm
  12. What a Boy Wants
  13. Spider
  14. What I Am Link to Abstract Magazine
  15. Speed Dating Link to Abstract Magazine
  16. I Was, You Were Link to Abstract Magazine
  17. Precipitation Link to Burning House Press
  18. The Monster Speaks Link to Liquid Imagination
  19. The Miller's Daughter Link to The Society of Classical Poets
  20. Odysseus Link to Poetry Super Highway
  21. War Correspondence Link to OpenDoor Magazine (Page 23)
  22. Blackbirds
    The Last Stretch
    Link to Grand Little Things
  23. Scar Tissue Link to Oddball Magazine
  24. The Surge
    Approaching Eighty
    Link to Grand Little Things
  25. Tripping Link to Gleam Poets
  26. Understanding Link to Gleam Poets
  27. At the Edge of the Field Link to Rust + Moth
  28. When You Are Old Link to Grand Little Things
  29. Tin Man
    The Emerald City
    Link to Poetry Super Highway
  30. Skin Link to Discretionary Love
  31. Winter's Song
    Link to Grand Little Things
  32. This is Not a Love Poem Link to Discretionary Love

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