What Bears Dream

Taunted by demons that rage in my soul
beneath a malevolent moon in repose,
I am stalked by a hunter who remains unexposed
as I hide, an inscrutable bear in his hole,

burrowing deep in the cave of my dreams,
flaunting my courage, pretending to sleep,
unbearable creature collapsed in a heap,
daunted indifferent plotter of schemes.

The hunter is tracking my spoor through the glen,
girding his loins as he enters my space.
I slowly emerge and I come face to face
with Orion who waits at the mouth of the den

with his sword at the ready and his shield by his side.
The malevolent moon watches wearing a sneer.
Somnambulant hunter now grins ear to ear.
Terrified Ursa has no place to hide.

The comforting demons that rage in my soul
whisper "Wake up" and I open my eyes.
The hunter dissolves with a look of surprise
and this bear snuggles deeper in dreams in his hole.

	(First published in Mysteries - 2017)

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