Brendon Shane Huff

On March 22, 2023, our grandson, Shane Huff, died in Winston-Salem, N.C., at the age of thirty-one.
He was a quiet man who loved music, the outdoors, and, most of all, his daughter Fiona.

His Mom, Laura Huff, created a slide show of Shane's life
with photos, video and audio of Shane's music.
Memories of Shane's Life

Shane and Fiona

In His Wake
for Shane

I remember the old western movie - 
the plot has been forgotten -  
but at the end you hear the voice 
of a small child crying Come back, Shane.

I don't know what to believe 
about the existence of God, but just before
two o'clock on April Fools Day 
the rain departs - the sky opens to sunshine

at the country home of his father -   
in the back yard the fire pit
beckons, holding court in a pageantry 
of warmth, family and friends

gathering to celebrate a life - 
joyful moment meant to reunite grieving souls,
to feed the senses and the heart, satisfy 
the innate need to love and to belong,

for giving and for sharing 
with those with whom a single bond of blood
and friendship so fondly brings together 
in a time, at a place, in a song.

Happy children play in the yard, 
queueing up to ride the tire swing, while
the adults gather around the fire pit, 
the fire so tenderly set by his brother,

where remembrances written 
on pieces of paper are read aloud, 
then fed into the flames and I, 
for just a fraction of a second, become

a child again. Listen. 
You can hear my voice, 
just like in the movie -  
Come back, O come back, Shane.


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