Have You Ever

Have you ever raced the wind
Slaloming through the high tree branches
Bursting through the canopy
The nighthawk embracing you
Rising together in the moonlight?

Have you ever ridden the storm
Scudding along the western gales
Surging in exultation, chasing a dream
Impaled upon a crescent memory
Looking down on mountain meadows?

Have you ever chased the moon
Gibbous and gloried, full of yourself,
The moon in the man, 
Lunar excursion, rolling with the tide 
Over an ever changing shoreline?

Have you ever painted a rainbow,
Arced and irised, insistant and aflame,
Skittles in a box, an easel full of colors
Spewed on a cornucopian bow,
Planted in a pot of leprechauned gold?

Have you ever looked into God's eye?
Did He raise his fingers to His lips,
Shushing you to keep it secret?
Have you finally returned to earth?
Have you ever raced the wind?

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