Into the Forest

One day I venture alone
into the forest  
o my naked fear my empty mind

I remove a thorn 
from the paw of the great cat
how she roars her gratitude

brings the wind 
to ruffle my tawny mane
how deep my changing voice becomes 

I free a red fox vixen
from the jaws of a trap 
how she teaches me

to smell danger on the breeze 
my whiskers to twitch 
how she fills my mind

I can speak to every creature 
of the forest 
in its own tongue 

As I approach the river 
I see a maiden with injured foot

to escape a giant crocodile  
I threaten the
great beast with my throaty growl 

speak to it in its own language 
"get back to the river for you
are no match for man, lion and fox" 

the crocodile  
down to his wallow in the water 

a great love descends upon me 
as I bind the foot of the maiden 
carry her tenderly back to her village  

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